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help to find duramix 4040/4058

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  • help to find duramix 4040/4058

    Hope someone can help. I live in australia and am trying to get duramix 4040 and 4058, i havent found any here so far, can anyone help me out as to where i might find it, or is there a substitute. any help is appreciated.

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    ebay or


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      My local napa has it

      I found a Auto Paint Shop (Check phone book) That has all types of duramix

      Bumper To Bumper Auto Store has it


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        Australia has NAPA?
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          thanks for the replies, i contacted 3m who said they have discontinued this product in Australia, for me to buy this product from us will cost me over us$100 about A$130.

          I have found another product called devcon plastic welder seems to work the same, ill post some photo's later of the results, still expensive though about A$11 a tube 28ml which is 1/6th the size of duramix, any aussies interested should contact Blackwoods and son


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