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    Guys, first off i want to say that I have gained a wealth of knowledge from this site. I finally joined after 2 years of looking on.

    I hope you guys can help me out, its fabrication related but not to carpc's. dont flame me, i just thought this would be the best place to post up.

    I have made a prototype lip spoiler and have many people saying how much they like it and when I will be making them available. I dont think I have the means to mass produce them in my basement so I was wonddering if anyone knew a company that would be able to make good quality replicas of the spoiler.


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    You can make a plug mold by wrapping the piece with tape and aluminum foil that is perfectly smooth, then what i do it make a mold of it out of some rigid material such as plaster of paris or something a little stronger and then pop out the original and smooth out imperfections in the mold and from there you can use that mold to lay fiberglass in to make a replica part. be sure to use some sort of mold release tho so it doesnt stick.


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      can i make the mold and the pour in resin w/ hardener?


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        can i make the mold and the pour in resin w/ hardener?
        Of course! You'd be ****ed though. Resin's crappy by itself.


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          i was reading about using casting resins specifically from

          does anyone know of businesses that will produce this in a low-volume production for not thousands of dollars


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            most are pricey because the money is in the setup time, check with boat repair places because they frequently use fiberglass choppers and if you were to make a mold im sure they would spray a few pieces in but expect to spend a few hundo.


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              i'd definately be making the mold, i just need a place that will mass produce it, if not, its off to the basement again - like i was planning


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                if u found somewhere to mass produce it, THEY'd get most of the money, not you

                if you want money, do it yourself


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                  all the guys are correct,

                  what you need resin, fiberglass matt, and mold release, and pva, depends how well you would like to have your mold,

                  Gel coat is highly recommended,

                  i don't have enough vocabulary to explain.

                  that would be your final layer of the interior of the mold.

                  for duplication you might want to consider different materials cheaper ways are ABS plastic, but it depends how much you are trying to produce.

                  there are a load of spray tools available on the market to make your project easier.

                  i suggest go to walmart buy a quart of resin, fiberglass mat/cloth, and some filler, and make a small mold of tin can or something, build up some experience, and the do the actual stuff

                  R. T. F. M


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                    and old release
                    That's the cologne that fiberglass Mat wears. Old Release by the makers of Old Spice.

                    Gelcoat is used as the FIRST layer against the mold, not the last. Boats are made from the outside in.


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                      the idea using glass would be all dandy but the thing is its not a flat object is it kinda rounded. so it needs to be a 2 part mold. i cant see any other way of doing it


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                        i have a good idea about how to make the mold... and i have figured that i want to make it from ABS plastic, but i dont know where i can find abs "resin" to fill the mold with


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                          Originally posted by Shadow View Post
                          That's the cologne that fiberglass Matt wears. Old Release by the makers of Old Spice.
                          bahaha, fibreglass matt strikes again

                          "The mark of a man" old spice? hilarious again shadow


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                            god dammit, i got to stop responding on post while stuck in traffic

                            R. T. F. M


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                              ur crazy man