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Would this be easy to color match?

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  • Would this be easy to color match?

    I have a 2006 Ford Fusion with Piano Black interior. Here's a pic easy would this be to fabricate and color match to look factory?

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    Probably not too hard with the right primer, paints, and sealant. It would require a lot of sanding to make it smooth.

    I'd also look into glossy black vinyl.
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      Easy take it to a body shop or even home depot and have them scan the color and mix it up for you. Some body shops can even make a spray can of the paint for you.



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        Umm, if you use interior wall paint on your car, you deserve to be shot.

        You can get a little can that you pour automotive grade paint into and there's a little butane propellant can you put on the bottom. It's like a rattle can but it's WAY better stuff.


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          that black color looks to be your car's body color so an auto body supply shop is your only bet


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            go to and order the factory color in a spray can and save yourself A LOT of time and $$$


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              Have you tried the spray cans yourself? What kind of results did you get, id like to see pics if you dont mind this looks kinda interesting


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                no matter what your paint in the car you must prime it, is the part is plexible, i would go with latex paint on the primer

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                  i've never used the cans from paintscratch, but i've used spray cans many times.

                  the whole thing with painting interiors, is like yevmeister said, you have to use a primer. then use really thin, light coats. i would use a clear coat when you're done, especially to make it nice and shiny like the factory piece.

                  take your time though, and it'll turn out just fine.


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                    like yevmeister said, you have to use a primer.
                    Even if it's not plexible?


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                      Originally posted by Shadow View Post
                      Even if it's not plexible?
                      DON'T PANIC.

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