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  • Fiberglass help

    Ok, so for a 5-6 min speech for college about how to do something, i decided on fiberglass (this way i can play with it and learn more about it before i build kick panels or a sub enclosure). Here's what i need help with:

    1st im looking for sources about safety, and uses of Fiberglass

    2nd Im going to do a photo log of the different steps, now what are some suggestions for using a digi-cam while glassin (if you have resin on your gloves)

    3rd im going to create a box i think that im gonna stand on at the start of it to show the strength of it (im gonna make sure it wont collapse on me when i do it in class first of course ). im using a 24 pack of pepsi as the mold (cut the top off of course), any suggestions on doing this?

    4th anybody have any tips on any of this? my speech is gonna intro with different uses of it, then go into the safety and hazards of glassin, move onto the materials and prep work, then how to actually glass, and close with some summary type stuff. Since im doing this for the first time and writing a speech on it (prolly not the best idea, but kills 2 birds with one stone namely speech topic and second learning howto glass before i do it in my car), would like any pointers/tips ppl have that have glassed a bit

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    this would be one of the most helful links for you how to start, go from step 1, i think all the information you seek is there.

    My tip, think of fiberglass as papiermasche, you cut fiberglass mat in small stips dip them in the resin, and lay them up together.

    to start, go to home depot pick up a 3m respirator fro $26.00 1 gallon of bondo resin $31.00 to packs of fiberglas mat, or cloth they are about $6.00 a packet

    intead of sleeve, cotton will work as well, it just doesn't stretch as well

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        chris's tutorial site ive been to many times read through it quite often

        i got the respirator, resin, mat (only got the smaller size of resin and only one mat, since its just a small box im makin for the project, just like 12x6x6 box), nitrile gloves, safety glasses, sand paper, and acetone (which i forgot that it melts plastic and stupidly put it in a plastic cup the first time... so much for that cup lol).....

        yesterday i made a cone shaped piece just to kinda get used to it (i didnt have my digi-cam for the pics, so i couldnt actually start on the photos from start-finish yet).... today i have it though so im gonna get dressed for it and go have some fun for the next hr or 2 lol


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          I have never worked with fiberglass, but I know one thing from someone who has:

          When you clean up after doing any fiberglass work, take a cold shower. A hot shower will open up your pores and allow the fibers to get under your skin and make the irritation worse and also increase the risk of infection.
          Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
          How about the Wiki?

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            <<waiting for glass to kick lol gettin a drink and gettin the respirator off lol

            and now that ive tried molding it to a box, i found out one key thing.... its easier to work with in smaller chunks then big large chunks lol

            tried to do all but one side of the box with one sheet of glass, then build that up... ya that didnt work as well as i had thought lol, definately go with smaller strips/pieces lol

            glassin is fun as hell tho, and cant wait to do my sub enclosure lol... and man is this giving me a good starting point with fiberglass lol

            and those lil strands that come off the mat are annoying as hell lol, tried brushing the resin on that kinda works but grabs all these strands of glass, tried just dabbing it and that kinda works but dosnt seem to work the best.. oh well this is what this sheet of mat and bottle of resin were bought to do, let me figure out what works and what dosnt


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              for sub enclosure you will need at least 2 gallons of resin

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                well this is just practice with the glass, im just making a simple box outta it.... then i get to type up a speech, make a PPT of it, and practice giving it lol

                speeches start on friday, and i could go monday also depends on weather im ready or not lol, but i would rather go friday