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Install tips for a MX6 2nd gen

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  • Install tips for a MX6 2nd gen

    Hey there,

    I'm building a carpc in my mx6. But I've not figured out where I'm going to build the screen in.

    If some has some ideas i would be very happy.

    And because I haven't worked with poly yet maybe someone could give me some pics.

    And here's a pic of my ride

    Grtz Edwin

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    i'd suggest looking in the "show your ride" / "worklog" sections

    there have been a few mx6's that i've seen..

    as to the position of the screen, it all depends on the amount of work you want to put in, you could get a motorized screen, and put it where that headunit is, of you could take out the headunit and fabricate a screen directly into the console..

    again, depends what you really want, or whats comfortable for you


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      Few people have done it with different results but the basic idea has always been the same - modify the 2 din slots in center console.


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        I started working on the dash this weekend.

        I've chosen to work on the ashtray and the lower dinslot. There I've made an opening where i can put my 8" touchscreen.

        I'll post some pic's tonight.

        Grtz Edwin


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          Well here are the pics wich i've promissed to you.

          Making some space in the dash

          Test fitting

          Making a mess with ABS solved in MEK

          And now its sanding, ABS, sanding etc etc

          And than at last spraypaint.

          I'll keep you posted