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Would this be a good way to fiberglass?

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  • Would this be a good way to fiberglass?

    Ive seen lots of places have this fiberglass stuff where its pre-mixed resin/harder and chopped up fiberglas pieces, so you basically spread this pasty stuff on and it becomes hard like fiberglass, and thats its easier to work in corners etc, because you dont have to fold or anything.

    Can I just take my fg Mat sheet I have and shop it up finely and make my own mixture of fg,res,hardener and spread it on things? I can fiberglass the "conventional" way but I hate the nooks and crannies

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    You could do that but it's not going to be as even or as easy to use as a commercially available product.


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      ok, hows the commercial stuff? Have you used it, and is it worth the extra money?


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        ive used some P40 fibreglass filler, its a filler mixed with glass fibres and you put it on like a normal filler leave it to dry and sand. its realy good to work with aswell.


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          Depends what you are trying to do with it. By nature it goes on a lot thicker and uneven where matt and resin can be very thin and even. I do a lot of fiberglassing and I do use it but only for making the moulds, I never use it for the actual piece I want. I don't think thickness for thickness its as strong as proper mat either.
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            This is more for adding strength to an existing fiberglass structure rather than creating one from scratch. It's not terribly strong by itself. Mat and cloth are WAY stronger.


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              thanks shadow thats what i thought