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    So i want to make a box for my screen that will come down from the top of the dash into the center consol. I have made a box out of wood and it fits well now I am wondering what should i use to make the real box. I have read that bondo is good, but I have also read that it will crack. Any ideas? Here is a pic before and also a pic of what I would like it to look like. Thanks guys!
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    If you don't mind replacing the stock HU...

    I would remove the stock HU, put the screen in it's place and modify the cubby hole to fit an aftermarket HU.

    Good luck!
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        i would do that

        But, I like how the Stock HU has the Bluetooth and the steering wheel controls. I thought about this idea and i think i want to try it with the stock HU. Do you think bondo would hold up though?


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          is there anything better the bondo for this?


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            Way to extensive if your thinking about doing the whole thing in bondo. Bondo is a body filler, designed to fill in smaller dents, cracks, seams etc. Then you sand down the bondo to match the surrounding material.

            An example for your situation would be, if you made the piece with wood and fiberglass, then used bondo on the fiberglass to help get a perfect surface.


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              duramix 4040 is the best bet for bonding and adding strength.


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                Bondo is not structurally sound. Use fiberglass, epoxy, or possibly bondoglass. Dependig on the size you could use wood or plastic.


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                  so its been in for about 2 1/2 months now and its works great

                  I am going to redue it when it gets warm out, i needed to sand it a little better then i did, but other then that it is great, Thanks guys for all of your help!