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My First Install! Lets Have Ya Views

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  • My First Install! Lets Have Ya Views

    heres my first ever attempt at a CarPC install, in fact i never even used/mixed filler or fibreglass! haha. im running a M2-ATX power supply, Panasonic 7" Monitor, 160GB Maxtor Hard drive, Bluetooth USB, WiFi USB Dongle, WinTV USB, and i got my GPS USB Reciever ordered my ebay and just waiting (running intergrated FreeDrive wih FULL UK Map from destinator 3) and roadrunner frontend skinned with the Ford MCE 2.0 Skin! any more questions just let me know<P>
    Oh And this colour is being changed to a Carbon Black Spray Job to match the screen so looks invisible at a glance (in case those damn Thieves take a look'see) and am giving the button area one more sanding to get it glass smooth!<P>
    well let me know what you think? more pictures to come including running!<P>
    Danny, ([email protected])<P>
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    you're a brave man leaving the screen in whilst you work. except for some minor symmetry issues, it looks good though.
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      cheers bud!

      yeh, the curvature of the actual dash forced a higher curve on the right, sorted that out now though by putting a sweep on the left to the dash itself.. you will see better once i got the install in the car! cant wait haha, just struggling to get the integrated television to work with the radio! weird only one or the other is working, well many thanks on ya comments mate! ill keep posting more pics! bye


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        yeah i like the bubble effect... will looks good...keep us updated


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          can't wait to see that thing in-car.
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            Woow, go focus!