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Need a little help cuz i messed up a bezel

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  • Need a little help cuz i messed up a bezel

    Hi all, after long months of reading and searching i decided to start my project. I purchased a lilliput 629 and a dash kit from enfig for my 06 jetta. I got stucked at the screen molding, i just can't make the lilli frame to fit into the dash kit. I tried again,again and again, and finally i cracked the lilliput frame . i have some questions, what part of the frame i need to cut down in order to make it fit. If i cut down the buttons (i don't need them if i can control the screen via remote), how i'm gonna attach the buttons board to have access via ir remote, and how i'm gonna attach the back of the housing. I took a look into flipkid's install, and it's gorgeous, i want to achieve the same thing. I realy apreciate any help, thank you a lot guys!!!

    And , sorry for the language skills!!

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    I have messed around with that lilliput screen a few times for my scion tc. In all my installs I have removed the buttons off the screen and made the screen autopower using the remote. I have the screen on auto power for at least a year now and i rarely need to mess with the screen options.
    I recently started extending the remote wire of the screen so that i can still use my remote. If you have a bit of a soldering skill like me, that would be a good option.

    I would suggest getting rid of the buttons if the screen doesn't fit heightwise.
    Also post a pic to give us some idea of your situation. if you messed up for frame you can always get a new one from


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      haha, you paid $40 for a $5 dash kit Got pictures?


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        Thank you a lot for helping me. I recived today the bezel replacement from digitalww.(the fedex guy recieved a big hug )
        I was rotating it around for 2 hours trying to figure out what part to cut out
        Ok here are the pics:
        This is what i want to achieve

        And i have only two options (i think so):

        Option 1: To try to fit the frame into the bezel thru the front by cutting down the buttons, but doing so i'm not able to connect the ir pcb to the front lilli frame and the back part of the housing because i'm gonna lose some screw holes.

        Option 2 : To try to fit the frame into bezel thru the back by cutting down the buttons and sanding a few mm on the margins, but again how i'm gonna attach the ir pcb( the button board) to the main lilli frame, and how i'm gonna attach the back housing to it, because i'm gonna loose some screw hole. and the only way to connect it is to apply some glue, but then i'm not gonna be able to open it in the future.

        Thank you again guys!!


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          just put the board near the AC vent and just use the remote.
          Cant code cause I dont know how, but give me the paint bucket and my eraser and have at you!


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            i got rid og my button in my first install . like Joe and Mega did

            you can program monitor to start up automatically once power is fed from Power Supply, i don't see why you need more functions @ this stage

            also like bobby said, but you will not be able to put the remote thing in AC wents cause cord is not long enought unless you go the tidious stage, what i suggest just drill a little hole in the middle under the screen, and allign the remote led with it, that way you can make your remote to function

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              I got rid of all my buttons on my install. Then I later cut the connector between the 2 boards and used it to extend the connector to the lower dash and connected my own buttons to control the lcd functions

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                Thank you a lot guys, i think, this is what i'm gonna do, i'm gonna sand down few mm from the margins to make it fit inside the bezel, i'm gonna cut down the buttons, then i'm gonna figure a way to attach the back housing and the board to the front lilliput frame, maybe i'm gonna stick them with some glue or something, and i'm gonna drill a hole into the front lilliput frame and align the ir sensor to it. I hope it will work