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Peugeot 306 boot dimentions?????

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  • Peugeot 306 boot dimentions?????

    Anyone know the dimentions of the floor space in the boot of a 306???

    Looked on the net but i can't find it!
    Come on Peugeot....I want to fill you with noise!

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    try a tape measure....they know all kinds of dimensions

    i don't know though...we don't even have those cars here


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      Take a look on, someone there should be able to help, I'd measure my boot only not sure whether I have a tape measure anywhere!


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        it would be easier for you to measure your own car...


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          just out of curiosity... do you own this car, or are you purhaps looking at buyhing one, and wanna know how much space you got.

          If you're looking at buying one, just go down to a dealership, they let you measure anything you want, trust me, I just bought a new car and the people there thought I was out of my mind... a man's got to have his standards though, as rediculas as they may be to others

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            Spot on Dennis....guys please if i had the car i think i could work it! Thanks thos guys, was just wondering if anyone had 1. Cheers
            Come on Peugeot....I want to fill you with noise!