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  • Help a n00b out (custom fabrication)

    Hey everyone-

    I just bought an Iriver Clix (mp3 player) and I was wondering if you guys could help me integrate it into my car. Because the Clix is touch screen I thought it would be nice to install it like an LCD and connect it via AUX. Itís not as cool as the carputers some of you guys have, but I figured this would look nice too. I came up with the following idea and I would like to get opinions. This is the first time Iím fabricating, so any input at all would be great.

    First off, location in the car where I would like to put it:


    Iriver on the left and illuminated M3 logo on the right:

    When the cover is flipped down (I can remove the mp3 player in this position):

    Last, but not least the Clix:

    A couple of things I was pondering over:

    -What kind of material should I be using to construct this? I want it to be perfectly straight and look OEM. I also need to be able to cut an opening for the screen and the lights. In addition I will need to build a bracket to hold the MP3 player and some sort of hinges and locking mechanism (to keep the door closed). Should I start with a piece of plastic or should I use spray foam?

    -Paint? I want an OEM finish so Iím trying to figure out what to paint it. Iíve read that SEM or bumper trim is nice, but what about regular matte or flat paint?

    -How do I connect LEDs for my illuminated ďM3Ē symbol to the carís wiring? Specifically, what should I be splicing into?

    Sorry about the generous amount of questions, but I figured I should research a lot before starting. Anyways, any input at all is greatly appreciated.


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    well there are many ways to skin a cat, so i would start with the simplest where patience is the key.

    go to hobby store pick up a sheet of abs, and lexan sheet, take a hot knife, or a butter knife hold it on fire till it gets hot, and melt cout out the shaped, the 3 M bars, and the opening for mp3player screen, you pretty much only get i chance to do it straight, and right.

    don't throw away those pieces you cut out you will need them

    sand it, so it looks okay, with no smudges from both sides

    take out lexan sheet (acrylic glass only easier to work with), cut out bars to put in bar cut outs. you can use superglue, or transparent epoxy to attach them
    take another lexan transparent acrylic sheet, sand it with 200+ grit, take a drill about the size of the LED, and drill a 2 holes to insert LEDs into., you can attach leds with hot glue gun, epoxy whatever transarent, no superglue single it's a solvent and it might damage LEDS

    time for a test, wire leds with 390 ohm 1/4watt resistors, and test them with the regualr 9 volt batteries

    if you need more info on LEDs this is a great site

    i am not gonna explain electrical as much, i am not here to spoonfeed you all the way

    get some brass strips, and attach them to the ABS door, those will hold you mp3 player @ place

    get some small hinges, and attach them with epoxy to the little door, and with screws to the base, the the hinges with remoable stemthat way you can separate 2 pieces when you need to work.

    the last stage

    take the unused abs trips you were about to throw away, and go to home depot to buy fiberglass resin hardener they are about $4.00 for a tube, buy 2 just in case.

    cut them is small pieces into the the cup, add some fiberglass hardener until it becomes a sludge, apply it on the back of the door to even things out, and get rid of inperfections, and cover up some things, snad it till smooth, paint if necessary, attach the player, and the wiring for leds.

    I would wire leds to ingnition fuse sinche they don't need much amperage, and will glow as soon as you start the car
    R. T. F. M


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      What can i use for the hinges? I want it to open slowly but smooth kind of like hood shocks.


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        check home depot or any hardware store hinge section, you will find what might work for you.

        you can also get 2 small wheels, and make track

        R. T. F. M


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          you can always dismantle the cupholder assembly out of a 94-97 accord and retrofit it into the piece you are trying to make. Granted it will need some kind of hinge for sturdyness.... the motion you are seeking is exactly how those cupholders work. Give it a shot, its just a gear, 2 spring and 2 rubber o rings to tie it all together

          shoot, you even get a nice push inward to unlock motion which might work well for you in this application as well. Good luck, I like where you are going with this and I hope you get it up and running. Please post some pics for us to check out - Later