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mounting a gps system (Custom fiber glass mount)

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  • mounting a gps system (Custom fiber glass mount)

    hey guys, im new to this forum (was refered to here from another one). I am intersted in starting a new project with my car. I curently drive a 2002 grand am gt. I am about to buy a 600T gps system (Link), and i am thinking about mounting it in the little cubby hole under the HVAC knobs, and then fiber glassing all around the gps system to make it look flush. i was wondering if you guys had any other ideas on where i could mount it, or how i would be able to do the fiberglass set up and still be able to take the gps system out (just in case if i ever needed to upgrade the firmware or anything). any other input or opinions are welcome. I was also thinking about mounting it flush under my head unit and moving the hvac knobs somewhere else.

    I currently have a Jensen 9410 headunit screen (Link) Mabye i would be able to imput the gps outputs into the head unit (Aux ports)?

    You guys can check out my car domain to get an idea of the car and where it can be placed (Link).

    Any input would be greatly appreciated.



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    This isn't realy related to GPS units.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
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