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a couple of questions (am I doing this right?)

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  • a couple of questions (am I doing this right?)

    1. i've noticed everyone around here with custom fab jobs primering the whole dash bezel on their cars..... my assumption is that it's to have an even look throughout the whole bezel, but mine's pretty big (you can see in the pics) so i'm wondering if I can get away with feathering it....

    2. here's where i've gotten so far.

    bezel cut and mounted using superglue...

    that's Permatex Plastic weld. i'm thinking that should work.

    now my next course of action i deduced would be...
    1. lay kitty hair bondo over the plastic weld.
    2. take some 120 grit sandpaper, then like 300 grit to clean it up ( I was told that going over 400 grit or so was worthless with the kitty hair)
    3. wipe down with acetone, lay bondo filler.
    4. sand that down with ???? grit paper
    5. repeat till perfect (wiping down with acetone).
    6. spray with primer and paint.

    please let me know if that makes sense... it's been a long time since i've worked with bondo and such before, so i forgot about the sandpaper....

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    yer that sounds preety good to me (care to do mine for me :P)


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      That sounds like a good plan, but you should start with 80 grit instead of 120 grit for the kitty hair.

      There's really no reason to use acetone to wipe it down, just use a tack cloth, that's good enough.


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        to put your pictures here, do [img ] and [/img ] without the extra space in there...

        And as for the primer, i really wouldn't just feather around it... the primer allows the paint to adhere better to a surface it usually wouldn't stick all that well to... Plastic is a pain for paint to stick to. Primer the whole thing and paint it... no need to get lazy at this stage because it's easier to do everything one time than to have to do it over and over again... i've had to do my bezel 3 times because i was trying different things... shoulda done it properly the first time


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          sounds good, in the end however if you still have some imperfection, you can get PRIMER/FILLER spray, equivalent to evercoat slick sand, a sandable primer with filler, you can get it for $5.00 @ pep boys

          it will cover all the imperfections

          R. T. F. M


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            ive neveer been a fan of the primer/filler spray - it doesnt dry properly. what is probably better is bog with a fibreglass file :P now that fixes all imperfections


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              I was using that filler primer today and I'm pretty happy with the results. I sprayed heavy coats to make sure ALL the imperfections got covered, then sanded until smooth. I did this like 3 times. You have to make sure the primer is dry though, especially if there are any corners where the primer can run and collect in "pools" because that will mess everything up. Don't rush when it comes to the "face" of your project. This will be the first thing you and anyone who gets into your car(and anyone looking at your project) looks at and examines. It deserves the time it takes to make absolutely perfect.


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                apply it 2-4 times and let dry between the layers, then sand, apply more if neccesary

                R. T. F. M