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I took my mkv apart and i got stucked

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  • I took my mkv apart and i got stucked

    Hello all, i started my project a little while ago, and right now i'm doing the wiring inside my 06 Jetta, and i just don't know how to reach the dash opening to connect my speaker wires to the harness an all other cables. For all mkV owners i have some questions, how did you pull the wire thru firewall and can you tell me please what to take apart to reach inside the dash to pull the other wires from the trunk. I took out my battery, i replaced the battery terminal, i took out the plastic thing that holds battery in place but i can't see any hole thru where i can pull the power wire in the dash and to the trunk, and again how i'm gonna reach under the dash, what plastic parts should i take apart? i tried for almost 4 days and couldn't find a solution.
    Thank you so much for such a wonderful forum!

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    Ummmm, what?

    You asked a whole bunch of questions that aren't related to one another. What are you trying to do?

    Have you looked in the MKV Golf and Jetta forum on ?

    There's a sticky with more info than you need.


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      ok, got it, thank you for the link shadow


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        this is how you would take apart the dash, speaker wire are similat 8 cables 4(+) & 4(-)

        R. T. F. M