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Roof mounted amp!!!!

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  • Roof mounted amp!!!!

    Hey guys, i was looking at a magazine and noticed that somebody had mounted amp's on thr roof of there car, underside that is. I tryed searching for info on it and to see if anybody had done it, but there wasn't anything that i could find.

    If this is resonably possible i would love to give it a go when i get my new car but untill then i need to know how it's done!!!

    I think that the main problem would be securley mounting them and to something nice and strong (wouldn't want one falling on you head a?)

    Possably fibreglassing a mould of the roof, but then again that has to be mounted to something as welll.

    AAAAAAAAHhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Help me!
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    I've had this same desire recently, when thinking of the problem that I cannot adjust any controls on my amp from the drivers seat without cabling it to my lap.

    Also, its a pretty amp I wouldn't mind it not being hidden in the trunk.

    The way the roof of my car (most cars?) is curved, I'd imagine one would only see the amp if they crouched down and looked through the bottom of the front windshield.

    I have a sunroof, and I would want to mount my amp on the rear half of the roof. I haven't ripped off the headliner yet (I was thinking of hitting a salvage yard to see if I can look at the roof of a similar car with the headliner missing).

    So far my only idea was to get a large plastic plate (non-bendable), and screw the amp to this plate through the headliner. The plate would distribute the weight of the plate & amp over however big I want the plate. I have no idea how feasable this would be, in terms of holding the amp up without bouncing around, or as a theft deterrant (if some scoundral could just yank on the amp and take my headliner with it, i'd opt for a sturdier solution).


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      Take the heat issue into account... The heatsink will not properly do its job when mounted that way, heat goes up...

      My 2 cent.
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        Indeed. Would some fans overcome that issue??
        Come on Peugeot....I want to fill you with noise!


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          If i where to do this i would want to have a secound layer witha perspeces panel that you can see the amp through......just to make things simple!
          Come on Peugeot....I want to fill you with noise!


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            I would take the headliner out and put in some bracing of some sort. Notch and bend some 1" angle iron and weld/bolt it to the front reinforcing around the window and the roof reinforcing between the B pillars. You'd probably want to weld the notches back in, where you cut and bent the angle iron, to recover teh strength. Also, the 1" height may be a touch too much, to get the headliner in without noticing it so grinding it down to get it to fit exactly will help. I don't think I'd be too concerned about heat issues, I've seen amps in tighter places than that and if they're not covered, there will be a lot of air moving around them. If you're concerned, open a window an inch.
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