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    im still contemplating simple integrated ITX board with low powersupply vs mini-ATX or full ATX mobo with 250w opus and PCI-E video PCI audio. it looks like id have to make my own case or use a desktop one and fit it in the trunk (not so slick). has anyone been successful with this? any opinions about this?

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    go with regular mATX you can add more stuff in the lond run, also depends on your space avialability

    R. T. F. M


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      It's works out easily like this:

      How much room do you have, and how much power can you draw from your car continuously before it blows up.

      Start with the blowing up first. If you have a Daewoo, and you slap in a P4 Extreme Edition, with 4 full size HD's and a few DVD burners and neon, and run that off your car, your alternator will give up an die and perhaps take you with it. No fun. That is a good thing with the via epia boards. Low power consumption. Maximum the entire computer will draw is average 22W. Consider a P4 3Ghz is about 100W alone.

      Now for space. If you are trying to fit it all behind your dash, it will only work with the itx. 5"-7" squared. MicroATX will not fit behind a normal din opening. If you are planning to put it under your seat, mATX will fit and probably be best because it is cheaper than nano-itx, and more upgradeability. You can even get the low powered via chips on mATX boards. If you get a full ATX board, the trunk is your only option, and that can look silly in my opinion.

      If you go expensive you can get the nano boards in intel dual core too just to let you know. They aren't always limited by the via boards.

      So if you have the room and power, micro. If you need to cram it in a small space, or want to fit it between your spare tire or din opening, then itx is the way to go. If you are flat broke, ATX.
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        id like something around an AMD 64 3200+ X2, or a comparable Core Duo depending on prices and such and i have no problem with an ITX mobo except none of them seem to have PCI-E x16 which i would like for a nice video card, and id only need one PCI port i believe for sound.. maybe a second would be okay just in case... i might be stuck just dropping the whole 3d gaming part and stick to music (main priority), simple computer + carputer functionality and movies, maybe some older 3d games and emulators.


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          okay, nex thing you have to think of, if you want to have pci-e + dual core processor you need at least 300-400 watts to operate, then biggest smart power supply available is 250watt OPUS, so you might need to combine 2.

          also dual core processor a temperature picky, i believe their maximum operational temperatures slightly over 50 degress celcius, about 122 Fahrenheit

          that's temperature in you car duting sunny summer day, or just sunny day

          do some homeweork, and make some research.

          there are too many people who want to put the best of the best in their cars, in the end, it's harder to maintain

          R. T. F. M


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            my tip as a beginner don't go maximum, go to classified section, and get some bargains there.

            BTW, thanksgiving sales, you can pick up the whole computers for under $200-300 bucks, take them apart, do some fabrication, and you are good to go

            R. T. F. M


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              ah thanks. i will be moving to australia soon to do this so getting parts might be a different story. i think i will just go ITX... gaming isnt that big of a deal anyways and for all of the hassle too. i guess id rather buy new parts than take some of a person just in case...


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                PM me with your case specs when you have your components. I will get you a quote on a custom fabricated
                stainless steel case. I have made dozens of custom cases for carputers and they look really sharp. PM me and I will
                send you some pics.
                Thanks and good luck