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Any help on gauge pods on center bezel?

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  • Any help on gauge pods on center bezel?

    Hey guys im new to the form and would like to see if anybody could help me out with a project im trying to get done. ive looked everywere and couldnt find it so this is my last place. im trying to get 2 or 3 gauges pods on my 2004 altima. here is a pic of another car but i cant seem to get in contact with the person who had it done.

    any help would be greatly appreciated guys thanks

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    i know my spelling and grammer sucks but too bad...

    are you looking on how to do them?? if thats the case, what dose the original look like? dose it look exacly the same as the one shown where the guages are? only without guages?

    the first thing i recomend you do is call nissan and see how much a new center bezel costs, one for my 06 civic was only $20 so i got one to play with so i dont have to drive without one the next thing is do you want them to be frenched(sunken in) like the ones in the pic or pritruding out words, i personaly like the look you this guy went with. i did this same thin to a 03 beemer when i used to work at a body shop all we did was cusome stuff.

    what i did was cut the mid section of a 2L coke botle out to give me the pliable platic held the guage from behind the bezzle, wrapped the plastic in a tube and imagined the pointing trimmed the plactic to fit the conture of the bezzle and traced it onto the bezzle.

    then i cut from behind with a dremel tool and popped out two oval holed, secured the plastic tubes with masking tape from the front and 'glassed it all from behind then i removed the plastic tube this left me with a nice smooth surface to work with... then all i did was sanded filled sanded again, primed painted and mounted them from the front and epoxied them in place, he only wanted a boost and air/fule guage.

    this is one of a thousand ways to do it but at the time it seemed easy.

    you could cut your holes in the dash for the three pods and spray foam from the back with low exp.foam wait about 2-3 days to a week for the foam to dry then carve and send in, but when 'glassing you have to cover the foam with something i like to use some very mild spray adhesive or sticky grease then cover everything with kling-film/silco-wrap/a bag, some people like to use alumminum foil but i dont like it. once its glassed you remove the foam and glass it some more from the back and finish from the front with fiber fill(short strand fiberglass in filler)/bondo sand smooth then use glazing putty with 320-400grit sand paper then prime the whole thing after sanding it all down, use some plastic adhesion promotor and paint it with whatever(flat black looks good)

    this has been you 20sec. bodyshop tip... JUST REMEMBER ALWAYS USE A BLOCK WHEN SANDING FLAT SURFACES OR SLIGHTLY CURVED ONES or you will whats commonly called finger**** the material, whick means that you will cut a groove in the flat surface with your finger.

    good luck and remember ask as many questions as you can or your bound to make mistakes.
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      i got boared so i mocked up a photoshp of what i think would look nice now it only took me 5 min so dont rip my head off, th two bottom ones i moved down and apart and the top one is inbetween sticking out not sunk in.
      Click image for larger version

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      Life Dosn't come with a reset button, if it did you might as well turn the game off.


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        also just to add you can try to look matching pvc pipe rings, and of cource, florist foam bricks are awesome, to get a desig going

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          you mean like this, thats an old pic


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            this is what it looks like now

            it took me a month to do this work. if you go to and do a search for altimat under the 2002-2006 altima section his tread pops up and he shows in detail how to do the gauge pods on the dash. but to let you know that those are 350z dash pods. you need to buy that dash off of the 350z and cut your altima dash and mold it in, and there is not enough room for 3 pods


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              nice dash man, but what did you do with the vents?

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                thanks for the comment. i eliminated the center vent, it didnt affect the cooling in the car the 2 side vents blow out more air now