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    Looking to paint some of the panels on the interior of my expedition. What is the best paint to use? i'd rather not lose the textures, is there anything that sticks to the plastic well and looks good?


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    sem paints are really good. the texture stuff is a bit hard to apply/and replicate so make sure you do everything at the same time. another option is going with a professional restoration place. i use you can see the results in the link in my sig
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      Thanks Scott, nice vette. My friend loves them, i'm going to show her yours.

      i'll check out those paints, really i just want to accent the interior becuase on this truck the entire thing is tan/beige. Very plain, clean.. but plain. Want to start a new theme on top of that, paint the instrument cluster pod, speaker panels, door switch panels, screen/LCD bezel, etc.

      Not much money to spend, i'm pretty poor.


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        you can get paint at auto parts stores also. my advice would be to clean the pieces VERY thoroughly first....primer first and let it dry real good, and then do VERY light coats of the paint. and then clear coat if you want to. if you do it right and take your time, it turns out really nice.


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          black lancer, what are some good primers and paints for plastic? i've never really painted before, i'm unfamiliar and i dont want to make my panels look like a 3 year old had fun with them.



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            i've always used Duplicolor ( I get it at Pepboys usually, but they sell it at hardware stores also.

            there's also some good how-to's on that site...


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              They have this stuff, its just called "dash paint" at Oreily's, I used that to do my dash, doors and all the plastic in my eclipse last year and it hasnt faded or cracked at all. Good stuff, just make sure the surface is clean before applying the paint or it might chip or crack.
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                If you've never painted before i recommend you use SEM paints