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Plaster/Clay question (and project opinions?)

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  • Plaster/Clay question (and project opinions?)

    So, this is my project.

    It's a pocket pc holder, in the shape of my dashboard

    I used Roma Plastilina clay (got 2 bricks from a friend) and i've come this far...

    the part where the screen is will be cut out and replaced with some spray-painted plexi glass... i just need it there to hold up the hood part...and yeah.. i do realize it's not looking that perfect, but i figure i could sand the final product to perfection.

    now the part i need help with.... i want to keep this project as inexpensive as possible, so i decided to use Plaster of Paris. I'm wondering if anyone could tell me what kind of mold release would work?
    I figure i'll have to make the negative impression in 3 or 4 parts since the shape is fairly complicated. So yeah, what kind of mold-release would work and any tips on making the negative and final molds.

    thanks i really appreciate it

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    wow that's look very good,

    what i recommend as you have mestion inexpensive

    high density floral foam, as the base, and glass over it for the shape, that way you don't have to worry about molding, and the part would be very light

    you should not spend more than 50 bucks for everything

    few blocks of floral foam 10< USD
    goodstuff $3
    1 quart of fiberglass resin $10.00
    1 packet of fiberglass mat $6.00
    Body filler, 8-15 USD, depends on quality, i recommend evercoat rage gold, you can only find it online. from my experience

    oh yeah pics to give you an idea, look at pics

    once you finish i recommend upholstering , that way you don't have to worry about cracks, and different paint glare.

    this is my bad example but you get an idea

    R. T. F. M


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      oh yeah.. i just read a thread about that stuff... man.. if i only knew hahaha...
      but, since i put so much time into sculpting that thing, i kinda wanna use it still.
      so yeah, what kind of release agent should i use?


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        well, there are few ways, you can just mut alumimum foil, fiberglass would not adhere. another would be pva, and polishing wax,

        another product i got in spray cani have never used is made by Mann Release technology

        product name Ease Release 200
        notes: General purpose mold release, for use with silicones, urethanes & Resins

        website for the company is

        hope this helps, i know you will have hard trouble getting over the time you have spent making that beautiful piece, if this is your first mold, you will have to practice, and practive before you get it perfect, not many people can get it perfect.

        R. T. F. M