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Want to hire : Southern Cali (LA) : Custom monitor bezel

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  • Want to hire : Southern Cali (LA) : Custom monitor bezel

    I am located in North Hollywood, CA and I'm looking to have someone fabricate a custom monitor bezel for me since I don't have the materials or workspace to do this myself, but I'd like something nice to finish off my carPC setup.

    I really would like someone locally to avoid insane shipping charges. I don't mind being without my center console piece for a while, but don't really want to ship it.

    I have a Scion tC which will house a Xenarc 7" touchscreen monitor.

    I provided a quick photoshop of what I would want. The tC has a retractable door that I've decided to remove, so the screen will sit flush with the rest of the center console, but I don't want to mold the monitor housing into the dash. I want to be able to remove it, so it will just be the front face plate, which will screw into the existing holes in the center console (from behind).

    If anyone on this site is interested, let me know. I'll need to know where you're located and what you'd charge for something like this. Otherwise, if anyone knows of a good shop that can do this and want to suggest to throw some business their way, please post that too.

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    Here's the original pic I photoshopped to give a better idea of what's involved.
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      So let me get this right you have pic 2 right now and you want it like pic one?

      does that bezel come off? I could do it and it would look alot better than pic #1. but i would need to know if you can remove that bezel or get another bezel to do it.

      Heres my latest project. But i live in MI
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        OK, so I'll explain... haha first the pick is a photoshop I did in five minutes yesterday morning before I left for work, so don't knock it hahaha...

        Anyway, the piece comes off... basically the silver part and air vents from the top all the way to the seam near the bottom by the lower cubby hole just under the HVAC controls. That whole piece comes off.

        There are four screw holes on the sides behind the panel that the monitor housing can be screwed into, so some mounting holes will need to be fabricated into the mold so I can screw the front piece down onto the rest of the console at these four points. And then the rest of the monitor will be screwed down to that front mold as it would normally.

        This is all using the front clip of the monitor to build the mold around. It shouldn't be too difficult. It's basically taking the front piece of the monitor, filling the sides of it so that it fills the rest of the opening and the screw holes over the ones on the dash to hold it all in place.

        Does that make sense? I'd like to know what would be charged for something like this... with and/or without paint.


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          Does the radio have a flap that covers it? I could use that and mold the screen in probably. Then we would have to figure out some way to pressure fit it into the car. If you can take a pic with the radio flap closed i could tell you if that is possible. Then all you would need to do is buy one of them flaps and I can go from there.

          Probably lookin about 150 or soo including shipping back to you after its done.

          The hardest part is gonna be how to make it stable since im obviously not in CA.

          any questions? Hit me up on Aim: Kanakrysvt or MSN:
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            Ya kinda makes sense. Does the flap that covers the radio come off? If you got one of those or sent me yours and the screen then i could do that and it would fit perfect then we would just have to figure a way to secure it to the car. It would come primered then if you wanted to paint it whatever style you wanted you could do that.

            Probably looking at about $150 including shipping back to you for the work. So if you got a extra radio flap it would be pretty painless.
            If you have any questions my email is thats also my MSN messanger id. Aim: Kanakrysvt
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