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Does my install suck? - No moulding (yet?)

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  • Does my install suck? - No moulding (yet?)

    This is my 1st install attempt in my 95 Mazda MX-3. It was supposed to be in a ford fiesta which would have been a bit of a squeeze.
    I wanted to install the screen without fibre glassing, filler, paint or epoxy as I have never done it before. I thought I'd just make a mess not be able to do anything with the screen after.

    My mx-3 centre console facia is the exact same width as my 7" Super Touchscren (with a little help from the trusty dremel ).
    However the height of the space I'm working with leaves a 5mm gap at the top.


    I thought I could use this to my advantage and have a sliding cover to hide the screen from prying eyes. The cover slides over the top of the LCD into the centre console and fills the gap at the top.

    But this is makes my eyes .

    So is there a way to make this look better or should just stop being such a big jessy and whip out the LCD and touch screen and mould the bezel into the facia with firbre glass and filler?

    I did this method 1st as I could change my mind if it looked crap or just went wrong (like now). Just have to unscrew the copper tags on the back of the LCD.

    I would appreciate you comments. Thanks in advance.

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    if you want to do it properly then u need to disconnect the bezel from the rest of the screen. if you mess it up the sand it down and try again and again if necessary. worst case scenario if u give up that u'll need a new bezel which costs bout a fiver and a new part for ur dash. (not exactly gonna break the bank)


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      not bad fit, have you considered , fitting slot load cd-rom drive into that 5 mm gap, that would be perfect, as much as filler, the space is so small, disassemble the screen, get the face plate, attach it to the console with epoxy, put a lot of epoxy, sand it down, paint it, attach the screen from the back, and you are in business.

      also so you don;t have to buy body filler, just buy resin hardener, and mix it with pieces of abs plastics, and it will turn onto paste sludge, apply it, around the screen sand prime with Plasticote primer/filler, it's a sandable filler that will fill in all the cracks and such, cost about $4.99 in any autostore, pepboys autozone

      paint it black, or a matching color, will look superb

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        Thanks for the quick replies guys.
        I think I'll give it go tomorrow.
        I do have a slot load DVD. I was umming and arring about putting it where the ash tray is but it'd look sweet if it was above the screen.

        It's got to be done.
        Cheers again.

        Will update as I go on.


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          I meant to make more of a point earlier but does anyone worry about security?

          I got a good alarm on the car but when did any prodigy remix prevent theft?
          Does everyone with a screen on show always lock it up in the garage and only drive it to the queens house for tea far from any crystal meth heads?

          Or am I just paranoid? - No need for the shockingly pathetic "cover". (may work by imobilising theif by way of uncontrolable laughter?)


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            well, with that 5 mm spacing you have mentioned, you can use it for a sliding door space, usually not many people try to steal carputers, cause it's just the monitor, but they would certainly damage your interior.

            there are some good glass/shock sensors you can get as an add on on your current alarm, which would be activated when armed if someone just touches your windows. if you are interested, i will provide with model numbers

            R. T. F. M


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              Yeah Yevmeister. It's worth considering extra alarm security. What part numbers are they?


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                DEI is the manufacturer i had a better link of the installation

                but this is the link for VW install

                it's an add on to the factory alarm, they have sensors for anything from towing, if somebody is trying to steal your rims, anything, any car audio shop would carry it, you can install it yourself if you know what wires to tap though


                you can get them cheaper on ebay, or any other online store

                R. T. F. M


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                  Progress so Far: Prep


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                    Progress so Far: Fibre Glass


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                      Slot load DVD

                      What I plan to do is to filler the top part and cut a slot for the DVD.
                      Although I was considdering doing the same but with FG resin and sticking a light behind it.
                      What you think?


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                        to be honest one of the ways to do it is to get a piece of lexan, or plexiglass, use dremel tool to make a line hole size of cd, attach the peice, and fabricate, that way you will have straight, neat cd slot

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                          you sure thats a 95 mx3? I own the same car and i know they changed the interior from 92-93 and yours looks like the old one?
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                            Originally posted by Cyberphox View Post
                            you sure thats a 95 mx3? I own the same car and i know they changed the interior from 92-93 and yours looks like the old one?
                            yepper, that's the 92/93 centre dash - I own both.
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                              Well spotted guys. My Car is 95 N reg but manufactured in 1993. However this dash is from an M reg. It's the same dash but that car had these seats in but in material not leather unfortunatly:

                              (in process of reuphostering them - but CarPC more interesting )