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Build boot shelf for amp

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  • Build boot shelf for amp

    Hi guys,

    First post here, see there is tonnes of great info to be had, but I have done a search and cant seem to find anything that suits.

    I am in the UK and have a 2005 VW Bora (Jetta Mk4 for guys not in UK), and want to make a shelf up to suspend in the boot.

    At the moment, I have two small amps running everything at the moment, but I want to mount a Genesis Profile 5 and my Rockford Fosgate EPX2 on it. The cabling etc is not a worry to me, I am ok with that.

    What my question is, what is the best way to make a shelf and mount it to the car. I would imagine MDF would be best, and cover it in black acoustic carpet, but its really what joints to use, how to secure it to the metal work etc. Also whats the best way to get the shelf level from the front to back perspective.

    I dont want to look at a false floor, if I did it would have to be able to have the existing carpet piece placed over, and it would have to be built to withstand 75kg of load on top of it. So a shelf would be my preferred way.

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    mdf, fiber glass, thick plexi for mahybe a could etch a design in there and light it with some LEDs....

    your options are endless. just search the site and and other places that have pictures of stereo installs and just pull ideas. the states we call it a trunk not a boot