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  • Help with monitor mounting

    Okay so here is the deal. I have a new (2006) Nissan Frontier with the stock radio. I had a CarPC in my jeep Grand Cherokee, but never actually installed the screen in teh dash, just mounted it near the dash. I would like to put a new carPC in the Nissan, but do it right (read looks factory). I pretty much suck at the moulding part, soooo...os there anyone out there that would like to make a few $$$ to either do it for me (Ill ship you the parts unless you are in the bay area) or make a few $$$ by helping me?

    I can do all the wiring, PC setup, biggy, but getting the screen to look "factory" is where Im a bit "dumb". Its a 4 din space, I could pop out whatever you need...

    Thanks for any feed back!


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    If no one here can help, there are some talented folks at Fiberglass forums that do just what you are looking for. You will have to spend some cash for the factory look though.
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      since you have a double din radio, this will probably fit...
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        I have an '05 Fronty and am trying to do the same thing. Love the look of the Titan nav setup and so I'm trying to replace my HU with a 7" Lilliput.

        I pulled the bezel from around the OEM HU and I think it just about will fit perfect. I'm working on breaking down the Lilli to give me some mounting options that will still allow access to the buttons - once I do I'll post some pics. It's very similar (read almost exactly) to the '06 setup on that center console. Member


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          justin146: i agree with you... it looks like it should fit any double-din opening... so why do you think the store says it's only for Subaru?
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            I am still researching but I beleive that is the mount I am going to use to mount the screen in our 2005 Subaru Legacy GT.