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XM radio unit and other small fixes to gauge bezel

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  • XM radio unit and other small fixes to gauge bezel

    first time posting, but that last two weeks I have been reading post. back to 40 pages. have read lots of tips and they were all awesome.

    so I have a xm radio unit and it looked like junk when I first installed it, so I started thinking about fiberglass and what not. reading up and in the end I used fiberglass resin, mat and fiberglass body filler, textured paint

    there is a whole on the left side where a plastic piece broke and I can no longer find it. also there is a crack along the right of that whole ( see pictures)
    then the xm radio unit. just horrible first install

    so work done
    fixed crack
    filled empty spot
    shaped and molded xm unit
    note on the xm unit. last picture you see has a scratch, when installed it will not be seen.
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    Finished work

    and thanks guys for the information:
    and some of you have awesome fabs
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      those are some very macroscopic pictures there... but if i'm seeing what i think i'm seeing, then nice work!
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        I'm sure the work was great, try learning how to use the camera a bit better. Set it to "macro mode" usually its a "flower" symbol to activate.
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