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Where can I get a "pre-built" carpc with digital audio out?

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  • Where can I get a "pre-built" carpc with digital audio out?

    Hey all,

    Before I get flamed by someone who bashes me for being enough of a hobbyist by taking this route, let me set the record straight. I've built 3 carpcs, with entirely different components (except for the M2-ATXs) each time - in 2 different cars - and they've all "mostly" worked. None has been good enough for me, though. The first 2 were built on mATX mobos, neither of which had digital output, and no matter how well I grounded them I always had some amount of alternator whine, even though it was eventually very slight. But they were fast (AMD 64 Venice cores) and played video great, and I could listen to all types of audio (i.e. MP3 and my Sirius SIR-ALP1 with the interface) with no problem.

    The last carpc was built on a mini-ITX board with a Geode NX1750 cpu. I used a Roadie sound card, and although it is nice and compact, I cannot switch from analog types of audio to digital without using the software that came with the Roadie. I could probably buy a PCI sound card, but that seems so unnecessary.

    So here I am. Optimally, I'd like to buy one of the fabricated cases a couple of the members here have built for others and use a mini-ITX board, but I'd settle for a VoomPC type deal. I'd be running RoadRunner mostly, and here would be the requirements for me to consider it to be 100% successful:

    1) Must play flash skins and also 720p or lower video without dropping frames or other lag.
    2) Must be able to use digital out (preferably optical) and still be able to take analog or optical line in, mp3, etc. and output it without manual intervention.

    Simple, no? Unfortunately I've spent weeks or months of full time work on this and I haven't found anything that can do it, so I am asking the gurus here. Does anyone know where I can buy one or what components I could buy that would meet the objectives? Thanks for any and all help.