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Custom Case.. some questions..

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  • Custom Case.. some questions..

    Hey I am building a custom case for my car PC, The case is (or will be when im done ) actually 2 PS2 cases Merged together (side by side) so that The motherboard and PSU fit in there.
    The plan is when its done, it no longer looks like a PS2 (just using it as a starting point) And for it to hold my components safely.

    Any ways I know when metal cases you should use standoffs, or some thing similar, But would I need them in the PS2 case? The actual PS2 components did not have them, and were exposed to the case, so I figured i would be safe?
    Any input would be great!

    Oh, and if your wondering why I would be breaking 2 PS2s to make this case instead of just buying one.. well the PS2s were broken any ways (just kept them for parts )

    I will post some pics when I am done.. or when it looks like some thing useful ..

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    Any one..?


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      Okay since no one else seems interested, I'll bite. Yes you need to seperate the bottom of your mobo from the metal of the PS2 case and standoffs would seem to be a very cheap and easy way of doing it.
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        But the PS2 case is plastic, not metal.. thats why I ask..
        The Ps2 hardware seems to do fine when in direct contact with the case (the power supply sits right on it..)


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          whats the big deal with just using standoffs?

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            Well standoffs in a small form factor case sacrifice about 5mm of useful space. I think it depends what you plan on shoving in there. If you are putting in a via board then I would say no standoffs, or just those little bubbles that raise the board so that it is not supported by the through hole parts solder, but by the mounting holes as it should be. Basically standoffs that are really really small and look like little bubbles. Could probably just heat up the plastic to make a bubble if you are skilled.

            If using a P4 or something then standoffs are a must because it needs the underside cooling.
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