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sub box for s10 xtreme ext. cab

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  • sub box for s10 xtreme ext. cab

    i am realativly new to this site but i have been browsing alot... i have an s10 extended cab and am conlemplating a sub box configuration. my question or i guess im looking for suggestions but should i make a fiberglass box or make one out of mdf and just carpet it? i have read here that fiberglass isnt really good for a flat surface plus the metal on the back wall isnt really thick and im worried about rattle with out anything between that and the sound vibrations. but i think the mdf will be heavy. im not sure what i can do in the small space either it is 52 1/2" wide but only 8" from the wall til a lip drops off. any suggestions..... is there even a sub out to fit in my small space..... i really dont wanna do this but i have also considered removing the rear seat from the side wall and making a fiberglass box there.... i really dont wanna lose my seat but the sub box may prevent it from coming down anyway havnt looking into that. thanks from the newb.

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    you can use both mdf and fiberglass, mdf for where you need it flat, and fiberglass for wehre you dont...

    Also, fiberglass gets very heavy, by the time you have all your layers it may end up weighing more then mdf, mine did...

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      I'm running a carpeted MDF box in my S-10. Here's a pic of it in progress, I still need to get some pics of it in the truck...anyways, you can make the box as deep as the seats will allow, you can kinda see in the pic that I built a set of "stilts" out of 2x4s to match the lip at the back of the cab. Worked out perfectly and the box is solid against the floor.

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        I don't think you'll be wanting a functional seat when you have subs and amps and whatnot back there.. Passengers tend to be very unappreciative of the hard work and money you put into things and mostly aren't careful enough..

        That being said, I always thought of the jump seat as a perfect place to install one sub (and I don't think those trucks really need more than one, any more is overkill).. A well planned out fiberglass/mdf box there would be sweet.. should blend in and stay out of the way while giving a nice kick..

        Check out and see some of the stuff guys there have built, also.

        Good luck.
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