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    ok im looking for some ram at the moment the PC has

    2x 128MB 266MHz DDR2100 DIMM CL2 single sided working

    i know that

    1x 256MB 266MHz DDR2100 DIMM CL2 single sided works

    but i want about 1 gb or at least 512

    i also know that

    1x 512MB DDR PC2100 CL2.5 ECC double sided doesnt work as we had loads lying around

    i have found on the net

    1x 512MB DDR PC2100 CL2 Double sided and want to knwo will it work?

    availible here

    is it the CL2 and CL2.5 that makes them incompatible, or is it the single or double sided that makes them incompatible

    for reference

    this 256 chip works

    will this ?

    availible here

    what information can i get to you that might help you decide if you need it


    ps with this type of memoy is my M/B likely to be able to run 1GB of RAM ?

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    here are all the specs

    Socket 478 for P4 processors (Willimate 478 and Northwood 47
    FSB @ 400MHz (100MHz QDR)
    Core Frequency from 1.3GHz, 1.4GHz, 2.2GHz and up
    SiS 650 IGUI HMAL (702-pin BGA)
    High performance host interface (400MHz)
    64 bit performance DDR266 / PC133 memory controller
    Integrated A.G.P compliant target / 66MHz Host-to-PCI bridge
    High throughput SiS HyperZip connect to SiS961 HyperZip Media I/O
    Dedicated isochronous response queue
    SiS 961 Chipset (371 BGA)
    Support Dual-IDE ATA 66/100
    AC'97 link controller
    Low pin count interface for SIO
    SiS 301B Chipset (100 TQFP)
    Support DVI connector & TV-out
    Main Memory
    Support two 184-pin DIMM sockets
    Max memory size at 2GB
    One PCI (v2.2) 32 bit master PCI slot
    On-Board IDE
    Dual IDE controllers integrated in SIS 961
    Support P/O, Bus Master, Ultra DMA 66/100 operation
    Can connect to 2 IDE devices
    AC'97 link controller integrated in SiS 961 6 channels S/W audio codec ALC650
    Compliance w/AC'97 v2.2 spec.
    Meet PC2001 audio performance requirement
    PCI local bus single-chip Fast Ethernet controller, Realtek RTL8101L/BL
    Integrated Fast Ethernet MAC and PHY in one chip
    Support 10Mb/s and 100Mb/s auto-negotation operation
    Compliance w/PCI v2.2
    Compliance w/PC 99 standard
    Support wake-on-lan and remote wake-up
    Support ACPI power management
    Proprietary Form Factor : 32.5cm (L) x 19.5cm (W)
    4 mounting holes

    similar info here


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      Jy suggestion is to go to and plug in your PC or motherboard make/model. They will till you exactly what RAM your motherboard can use.

      Could it be possible that your motherboard will only accept 128MB sticks of RAM? I had an old Athlon mobo that would take sticks of RAM no larger than 256MB, with a max of 768MB (three RAM slots).
      Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
      How about the Wiki?

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        well 256 does work, however there are only 2 slots on the mb but the products website says it accepts up to 2gb so i assume it must be able to accept up to 1gb stick in each slot

        ive found two types of ram

        KVR266X64C25/1G and

        they are both 1GB ram Sticks double sided

        one is cl2.5 and one is cl2 apparently 2 is faster and the computer at the moment has 1x 128mb cl2 in it so does work wih cl2

        will try your website let you knwo what it says


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          well thats thrown a spanner in the works

          tha website says that this is acceptable

          1GB, 184-pin DIMM, DDR PC2700 memory module

          and both websites ive tried say hermes 650 should have ms-6232 motherboards

          however mine has ms-6535 stamped clearly on the motherboard next to the ram in big letters...

          confused, i will probably have o bite the bullet and send it back if it doesnt work....

          does error correction cause problems cause all the chips i have tried that dont work are error corrected and all that do work are not error corrected?


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            Usually you have to turn on ECC (error correction) in the bios