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  • Linear Actuator

    Anyone know where I can purchase a small linear actuator. For relatively cheap. i need it to lift up my screen.

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    A good place to start would be here:

    Else, try "linear actuator" on Google or eBay.
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      Heh, small, cheap, and linear actuator are generally things that dont go together. I looked into them for another computer related project, and the one I wanted, that extended 6 or 8 inches was 14" long, and was $400. If you do find such a thing, let us know, the cost was overly prohibitive at the time (a year or so ago).

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        oi.. I put this idea in.. I didn't realize these things were so expensive.. My only dealings with them are in situations where my money wasn't involved
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          there is a similar thread in the buy-sell fourms, where someone had a tremendous idea: how about a electric radio antenna? Might take a little work, but might do the trick for you....


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            i dont know where your screen will be in your car but i am going to be mounting a rear screen for display purposes and i'm using a power window motor with the track to do it.

            but i really like the power antenna motor idea also.
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