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Would a graphics card solve my problem??

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  • Would a graphics card solve my problem??

    Hi guys, I'm currently running an EPIA M12000 with 512Mb RAM and using Mobile Impact.

    Some times Flash images are really jumpy but have smoothed up with the use of BulletXP and with the N64 emulator a lot of the games get really jumpy and slow unless you put the screen size right down but who really wants to play Golden Eye or Mario Kart on a quarter of an 8" screen??

    I've found the BIOS settings to up the memory allocation and it made things a bit smoother but still only if you keep the emulator screen pretty small.

    Would using a low profile graphics card with either 128 or 256Mb of memory help smooth things up by taking the load off of the processor or would this just give the processor something else to deal with, as it's only 1.2Ghz, and not really make any difference??

    Any info is much appreciated.

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    I had the same issues and i added a PCI 256Mb ATI video card and it definately made a difference... I use the M10000 w/ 1Gb ram...

    it also gave me an extra 2 vga outputs and an extra s-video, so i can do a huge extended desktop if i wanted to my screens in my headrests.
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