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USB devices need to be reseated after hibernation

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  • USB devices need to be reseated after hibernation

    When I start my pc back up after hibernation it does not recognize my usb devices. Which sucks because one is my touchscreen. Then I have to unplug and replug the ubs devices to get them to work again. Is there a setting in windows that I can change for this??

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    This is a reoccuring problem. Some things to check: turn off windows power management for usb, don't use unpowered (aka bus powered or passive) usb hubs. This will help you on some devices, won't affect anything for others. You just gotta play around with settings and sacrifice something to the CarPC gods. Good luck.
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      yeah there are only 2 devices and they are on the usb on the motherboard. Where is that setting located?


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        sorry, noob mistake I will search it thanks for the pointer