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ide to usb recommendation needed! Not the usual questions

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  • ide to usb recommendation needed! Not the usual questions

    Hi people.

    I need a recommendation for an ide to usb adapter.
    Now before I get search or newbee comments, here is my problem.

    I already have an ide to usb adapter for my slot load cdr/dvd, but it won't let me use a cable over 6 feet in length. And as you have probably guessed by now, the dvd is in the dash, the computer in the trunk.
    If I use the 6 foot cable, everything works normally. Any longer, be it through a powered hub or just a longer cable, the drive does not want to play. The comp recognizes it, but it will not read. It just seems to get caught in a costant reading loop (you can hear the drive cycling) and the computer gives three quick but quite beeps.

    So, I'm looking for a recommendation on a ide dvd adapter that will work on a longer usb run (about 12-15 feet or so). Preferably one someone has used and can be sourced off ebay or the like.



    Aww, crap!

    Why is that after you finally give up and post a question, you find the answer like 2 seconds later?
    It's a power related issue. I tried hooking up the optional dc in opn the adapter to a ps2 splitter from the keyboard and it runs off a longer usb cord just fine........
    I'll have to either get a 5v source up front or figure out a way to get it there without voltage drop off.

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    I have a similar setup and ran short usb cable to a 7 port hub in the dash. Then i ran a usb cable from the hub to the computer in the trunk. I hope this helps


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      Thanks but i already have a fix.

      I put a powered usb hub up front and tapped power off it to run the slotload.