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I need help with making custom buttons for Winamp

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  • I need help with making custom buttons for Winamp

    I want to make custom buttons to control Winamp. How would I go about doing this? I've read some posts and searched but I can't find an exact answer. I need to know what kind of buttons, how I connect them to the PC, and what program I can use that lets me do this. Thanks.

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    Ok, here is how i made mine, hope this helps:

    First download COM-port for winamp. Then look at the schematic in the setup. It will show you how to wire the buttons, you can wire 1-15 buttons, and configure them to do whatever you need them to do. For the actual buttons, i did the following,

    I got flat buttons and put them on a PCB board (radioshack $2) so they all were aligned then soldered wire onto the ends poking through, then connected that to the COM port via the schematic. Then you cut a piece to go in your dash, and cut out where the buttons will go, then make little squares out of plastic and glue them to the top of each button, then glue that behind the dash piece, so that all you see is the dash and the plasic buttons. here is a picture to help

    have fun~ I will try to post a picture of my finished setup
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      Surfer6262: Nice one cheers.

      I been trying to figure a way of flushing the tops of the buttons. So simple really Nice one.

      I want to get a remote power on, the Winamp control buttons, plus a 4x20 serial LCD inplace for then I just want to use winamp, not have the full TFT out on view.

      Very nice Idea. I shall have to look into it.
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