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  • Two Computer Setup

    I woke up today with the crazy idea of having two computers. I'm not sure what would be the point of this. Here's what I have;

    Computer 1
    LV-670M P4M 2.2Ghz
    1GB ram.
    120GB hard drive.

    Computer 2
    LV-670LVDS P4 2.4Ghz
    1GB ram.
    250GB hard drive.

    So I was thinking using a X-over between them. Using the computer 2 for External apps and Media storage.
    Computer 1 will run the front end and GPS(USB), XM(USB), Etc.

    I wanted to know what you guys think. Have I gone too crazy in my mind?
    or should I use one computer, and the other one for other use?

    Please be gentle!!
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    I think you're spending way too much money, generating too much heat and drawing too much power.

    There's no reason why a single computer couldn't/wouldn't/shouldn't handle all those functions and then some.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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      Well if you then add a server as well you'll have a nice little network going.

      Oh and a crossover cable is sooo 20th century, make sure they connect via wireless.

      Actually I can see the point of having two in some instances, like running screens in the back for kids/passengers (although this can still be done with just one)


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        Originally posted by Enforcer View Post
        Oh and a crossover cable is sooo 20th century, make sure they connect via wireless.
        LOL well actually the wifi would be in the first computer, ICS over to the second, or either way.
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          I'm doing 2 pc's in both of my cars, but unless you have a good reason too, one should be enough really.... my main reasons are because of independant backseat use & to keep my main pc as steamlined as possible

          as far as those 2 machines you mentioned, there both way to power hungry & generate a lot of heat.... I'm doing 2 pentium m's, & I bet both of them togeather will use less power than each one of the p4 machines your talking about....

          I use a kr1 mobile router & both machines connect through it... no need to do it wirelessly, although that can be done too... I also use a netgear network enclosure for my media drives so either pc can access any media, even at the same time....

          2 pc's is not that crazy really if you ask me.... as long as you have the space & power requirements.... 2 medium powered machines are better than one monster machine sometimes depending on usage... 2 p4's is not a good idea though I think...
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            been there done that, had two epia 10000 with two xenarcs. main system did music, gps, office...second was for passengers and does music and movies. main system shared internet thru wifi to a 4 port netgear and other pc also had internet.
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