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remote control button question, any1 know?

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  • remote control button question, any1 know?

    I am going to use my kenwood remote that came with my head unit to control the computer. I just ordered an IR receiver but I have a question about my remote. Here is a pic, the two buttons I'm confused about are the two above the volume buttons. You can see in the picture but the one of the left says, DNPP/SBF, and the one on the right says OK. I read the manual and searched online but it does not say what they do. I tested them out of the head unit and they do nothing but my question is, do you think they work at all, send an IR signal...I don't care if they work with the head unit but I would like to use them for controlling my mp3 program. Any ideas on what they do or if they will work?

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    might help if I post the picture!


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      You just have to try it out on the IRman and see if it gets any signal. be patient my friend =p
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