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Dell Dimension 2100 for 1st carputer?

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  • Dell Dimension 2100 for 1st carputer?

    I've been reading up on this board for about 2 weeks now trying to get as much knowledge as I can before even attempting to think about installing my 1st carputer, so please keep the noobie flames to a minimum.

    I know I will have to purchase further items to complete my project and have no problem with that. I will also be purchasing a 7" touch screen.

    I have a qucik window to get a Dell Dimension 2100 for $50 for my first carputer with these specs:

    *PROCESSOR, 80526, 1.1GHZ, 256, 100, FIBER CHANNEL, D0, 40G HD
    *Windows ME

    My main goals would be a nice front end with (in order):

    1. mp3
    2. gps navigatgion
    3. bluetooth phone integration with voice recognition
    4. dvd playback as well as movies from my hard drive
    5. Back up camera
    6. ODBII Monitoring (no tuning)
    7. Optional hook up of video game system (playstation, xbox, etc,)
    8. internet & email down the road

    Is this computer at least an entry level worthy machine for what I'm looking to do or should I keep on looking?

    Thanks to the experts in advance!

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    For $50, take it! It is about as powerful as most computers. Someone with the name TruckinMP3 has a celeron 300a, and it works!

    For what you want to do, you will be fine.
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      Thanks! I picked it up. Now a got a lot of homework to do.