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Monsoon system with aftermarket HU

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  • Monsoon system with aftermarket HU

    Hello, I have a JVC KDG(something). I cannot seem to find a harness that will let me use my monsoon system, with that JVC HU. I'm trying to use this HU, because of my ipod adapter, and my amp/sub that will be going in the car.

    Thanks for the help,

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    I had an 02 VW GTI with the monsoon system and I made an adapter that went from RCA (from my headunit) to the corresponding pins on the amp. I don't have it anymore but the pinout can be found on Good luck. I needed to use a head unit with at least 3v preout, anything less won't drive the amp (since it pretty much wants speaker level inputs).
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      check the FAQ section it tells you how to build one, i think its on the second page.
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