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    Adjusting the Lcd

    Well I got a lcd.. Pics at

    However I donít know how to make set it up, I know how to configure the touch screen however I have no idea on how to adjust the brightness and the contrast.. also the picture on the screen is way to the left.. so is there a diagram or something on what pins to touch to change these things??

    Thanks in advance..

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    Where'd you get that LCD? How much was it? I'd really like to get something like that one.
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      I got the same lcd

      well did u get teh small board that sits beside it that has britness and stuff on it.
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        Looks like a nice display!
        Where'd ya find it?
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          got it from a friend.. Anyone have any ideas on how to fix this problem?


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            ok, I have the same exact screen, but I recieved a control with it. The control is basically a small pushpad with a very thin ribbon cable. The cable attaches to the LCD and by using the controller pad, you can adjust the brightness, screen placement, etc. By the sound of things, I suspect you never got this controller pad.


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              Yup no controler. just the ribbon cable with the little medal prongs at the end..

              so what your saying is im screwed...
              Any other ideas?


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                Can you take a picture of the controller may be simply switches hooked up to the cable. You could make your own.
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                  I will have pics of mine at my webpage soon i hope, it shouldnt be to hard to make a control pad i think.

                  is yers 640x480x32 bit72 hz refresh or has anyone got 800x600 out of these
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