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Best budget solution for first carputer.

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  • Best budget solution for first carputer.

    Hey everyone,
    I'm new to these forums, but not new to technology in general. I have been debating on installing a computer in my car for quite some time and have finally come to the realization that I "need" one now.

    I am looking at various means of accomplishing this. I currently have a complete audio system in my car that I am very happy with, consisting of:
    1. Alpine DVA-9861 DVD/CD/MP3 deck.
    2. Alpine 1000 watt mono amp running (2) typr r 12's at 2 ohms in a sealed enclosure.
    3. Alpine 4 channel amp running front and rear stage with components in the doors and rear deck. I have 2 7' visor monitors for video currently.

    What I want to add is a motorized Lilliput 7' touch screen monitor into my one open din slot, moving the head unit down to the bottom and putting the monitor in the top slot, as well as adding (2) 7" or larger monitors into the headrests for rear passengers.

    I have a Sony Vaio laptop that I am very happy with and think for my first venture into all this I will simply use a docking station and use my laptop in the car as well as at home.

    What I am looking for is advice as to what monitor, docking station and other hardware I may need to use to accomplish this. I want to use the aux in on my Alpine head unit for audio in and am not sure what to use for video to feed 5 monitors that will be in the car. Is there a USB solution anyone can recommend for video that will work in this type of installation?

    As for audio, my laptop has a headphone jack but no "line out" I assume a line out type set up would provide better ease of use and sound quality as I will be using my head unit for volume control. Are there good USB sound cards available that will take care of this?

    Also, any other advice as to power, system stability etc when using a laptop in a vehicle environment would be helpfull.

    Sorry if I am rambling, just kinda throwing this all out there as my mind goes about a buck 20 thinking of all of this.

    Long term, i plan on making more of a dedicated solution, but I will need time and money to realize that so for now, i think using my laptop will "get my by" untill that time gets here.

    Thanks in advance,