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  • Cd Reciever with Aux in

    I am wondering how I could search for a cd head unit, that has an aux in for my computer. It seems the easiest way to do it. Does anyone know the exact names of some CD players with this feature?


    Jack Mode

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    Aiwa makes several models that come with line in, they are reasonably priced but it is annoying the way the blue lights flash every time u tounch any of the buttons on darn thing (but for $140 for a cd with aux in i can't complain)

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      I just bought a Blaupunkt Tokyo. Its an AMAZING reciever. It has more features for price than any other headunit on the market. And the price is good. Crutchfield sells it for $249 plus shipping. I got it for 239 outright from a local audio shop. Most places don't carry Blaupunkt but its well worth it to go find one. Oh and the most important part. Almost all of the Heads that have cd changer controls had an adapter($12.95) that will turn it into an aux input. Also some of the units without changer control have an Aux in built in or you can get an adapter for those too.


      P.S. All prices in US dollars.


      Thats my head unit. If you live in the Greensboro NC area I can tell you where to get a great deal on it.


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        I would say that every major brand has some units with aux in. Usually they are the upper end units with lots of xtra features. Pioneer, JVC, Sony etc.

        Just go to the web sites.

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          Be aware that with Pioneer and Kenwood units, you have to purchase (or make in the case of Pioneer) an adapter that plugs into the head unit. This can cost an extra $20 - $40.