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bluescreen's for xp nlite

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  • bluescreen's for xp nlite

    Hi guys, sometimes i keep getting the bluescreens for my pc running xp nlite..
    if it happens once it keeps going for a while. It says unbootable volume. I had a quick search and people on here say it might be a heating problem but if i leave the car off for hours etc it still occurs. i can boot into safemode and then reboot again and it works fine..then sometimes all of a sudden while playing music it will happen.

    other ppl say its a powering issue? im not so sure about this, im going to try this power rail calculator soon.

    the pc consists of an amd xp1800+ which is at 1,100mhz. 1gig ddr ram, 160gig hdd (3.5inch), an AGP graphics card (could probably get rid of that and use onboard) and a creative audigy pci card. The power supply is a 150w opus. I'm not running any fans. The case is open at the moment.

    Does anyone have any idea? im on the verge of giving up and buying one of those out of the box pc's from but i really dont want to... spent quite a bit of effort trying to make a nice install with a full motherboard etc.

    thanks in advance.


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      Can you post the exact error on the bsod?


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        this is one of the 2 errors. this is the more common one..
        my opus boots down when the keys taken out...all nicely..and then sometimes when i reboot comes up with this:

        unbootable volume

        the critical information code is
        0x000000ED (0x8679E900,0xC0000185,0x00000000, 0x00000000)

        thanks for any help


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          Here's some info on 0xED :

          I have had this happen on a notebook due to a corrupted hard disk. Low-level formatting took care of it.


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            thanks for ur reply!
            ill probably try both the formatting and using an 80pin connector rather than the older ones.

            thanks mate, will let u know how it goes.