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problem with switching to battery power

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  • problem with switching to battery power

    Hey guys, i'm real new to the car PC stuff. I managed to successfully assemble one though but hit a snag, when i assembled it and configured windows and my frontend, i did it all with the motherboard powered by a normal PSU but now when i use a automotive PSU 160 watts powered by the cigarette lighter socket of a Eliminator Battery Booster pack (supposed to be able to deliver up to 12A at 12 volts), the screen stops working,( i have a normal monitor hooked up). The monitor just turns off like when there is no signal going to it. There is video when the comp boots up, but as soon as windows and the drivers load boom i lose the video. I have also found after reformatting that i lose video when i install the VGA drivers for the mobo. I'm using an EPIA 15000 mobo from the mp3car store. can ne one help me out?