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PCI & ITX-PV Super Slim ITX Case

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  • PCI & ITX-PV Super Slim ITX Case

    Is there anyway to get a normal PCI card to fit the ITX-PV Super Slim ITX Case. Im planning on getting a VIA EPIA Mini-ITX mobo which has a PCI card. I notice the case is only 2.5" tall and a PCI card seems 3-4 inches tall. I saw somewhere rightangle PCI adapters. Are these possible for this system (I want to put in my PCI TV card)?

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    At least with my case, I don't believe so, at least without some serious case modification. You'd have to remove the case fan, relocate the power supply connector, and cut a huge hole in the case for it to even possibly work with a riser. The case is designed for a low-profile card.

    Also, you might want to try a search in the forums- I think some of the people with this case are working with a USB -> ISA adapter, but that may be just my imagination.


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      i can let u know when i get my case next week. i have right angle adapter.


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        It won't work unless you remove the fan and make some alterations..

        What are ou planning on adding that isn't already there?
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          i removed the fan and cut out some of that back piece, used a riser i did a slopy job but it works


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            Where di you find the 90 degree risers?

            I'm having problems finding more.




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              i got mine from ebay


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