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Question about power on new MacMini and also firewire or USB HDD?

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  • Question about power on new MacMini and also firewire or USB HDD?

    Ok, so I replaced my old carPC with a MacMini. Gone are the days of me building a case from scratch with wood and carpet (even tho my case came out really nice in the end).

    I have searched but couldn't find exactly what I needed so here are two questions.

    1. I already have my power setup fixed. I need to get the little Y-adpater for the button for my Mac Mini. I know it's sold with the $24 Mac-cord but where can I find it seperately? Does anyone know what connecter that is so I can just go to radio shack and build something? Or is there enough slack in the power-button wire inside the case so I can do a splice into it?

    2. I only have the stock $60 HDD in the Mac Mini and I need to store my Gobs of video and audio on an external drive. Now I want something that won't screw things up when I resume from hibernation (PS: I'm using Windows on the Mac Mini)... so what's the most reliable for that in you guys' opinion... Firewire or USB external HDD? Does the Mac Mini come with an extra SATA connector, cause then I could just hook up an external SATA drive using a mod and have no issues. I would just upgrade the internal drive but it's 2.5" right? and I'd rather use a large 3.5" HDD because they are cheaper and larger.

    Thanks for the help guys. :-)

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    1) You are looking for the Carnetix Mac Mini Power Button Kit (CNX-MMPWR) - Below are some links to it: - Carnetix Mac Mini Power Button Kit - the maker of it... you might be able to beg for one. Or just ask if they'll sell you one.

    2) The mac mini only has the one sata connection onboard for one 2.5 drive, but if I had to say anything about it... go with a firewire drive from lacie:

    LaCie - External Hard Drives, Network Hard Drives, RAID, Monitors, DVD, Blu-ray or look for and outdated one on ebay.

    should work wonders for you, plus the high quality build of their products will make it last


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      I am about to open my Mac Mini but I wanted to see if anyone replied to my thread yet. Please help guys!!!

      I really need to buy an external hard-drive but I want to make sure I choose the right one. Your opinions are greatly appreciated!


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        Thanks Twiggs! Yeah, the first link you sent was out of stock so I will ask the company. No one knows what the connector type is called? If I found that out I could make my own cable.

        I like those LaCie drives, they look really sturdy and well put together. I just was wondering if resuming from hibernation would be an issue but I think it'll work.


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          Twiggs, I was loking at this drive from LaCie LaCie - mini firewire - companion hard drive because they have an 80GB model on clearance for just $49.99!

          Do you know if I got that drive if I could take it apart and put in a larger IDE harddrive? I have a 500GB drive laying around that I'd like to throw in there and most nice looking enclosures are over $40 for just the enclosure so the price is great if I could put my own larger HDD in there.


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            Ya you could put a bigger one in, just make your drive and the interface match up... IDE or SATA...

            I have changed the drive out on my Lacie many times