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  • Annoying problem

    Here is my little problem. I have an MP3 player in the trunk of my car. Now, my head unit does not have inputs so I spliced the output of the computer into the 4 speakers of the car. This works perfectly and I have seperate control of the volume with a keypad and optional Remote Control.

    This worked fine for about 3 months. Now, I am going on a trip in 2 weeks and I think I may need to listen to the radio to get local news, weather, ect wherever I go. So, I ran a shielded $20 RCA cable to the back of the car from the pre-ous of the radio. This goes into the line-in of the computer.

    The problem is that I here alternator whine through the speaker even when the radio is off. It only stops when I unplug the RCA Cable. The radio is also a bit distorted when I here it as well.

    I tried moving the cable - same problem. I tried different ground, same problem.

    I really DO NOT want to buy an FM Mod or a new HU but these look like the only options left.

    Does anybody else have any ideas???

    Thanks in advance,

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    from my experience the line in to a lot of sound cards will produce some noise.. but not alternator whine. You can get a alternator noise reducer or whatever you want to call them at most any place that sells car stereo stuff. I got mine at autozone. That will probably reduce that.. There is also a page around about taking out the noise filters? i think they are called on your power supply. I'd try my first option first. Other then that make sure everything is ground nicely to the same spot.
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