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Just built my first Mp3 car! but now some questions....

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  • Just built my first Mp3 car! but now some questions....

    Hey! Ive been wanting to dothis for a long time but being a poor student inhibeted my buying power. Anyways this weekend I put a pentium 450 in the back of my toyota truck. Its connected to the stereo (aiwa) through AUX in. My to main questions are: 90% of the system noise that i expeirenced on first install is gone, through grounding case, better inverter and a power supply hack! How can I get rid of that last little bit? And my other question.... im running windows 2000 pro cause it supports my motherboard on board sound and my IR remote. But it takes nearly 80 seconds to boot!! Its got a fast (RPM) drive in there and 128 megs of ram. So any suggested tweaks? I downloaded tweak UI but didnt find anything usefull to me in it. ANy other sugestions are very appreciated....

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    Dump win2k or hibernate everytime. You should be able to get drivers for win98. But if you want w2k, hibernate. It will probably take ya around 30-40 seconds.

    Ground inverter to same spot as your computer. Try a ground loop isolator from R.Shack if all else fails. If its really not bad, it will probably do the trick. They are around $15.

    I'm a me if you have any questions on my old setup

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    FYI: I sold my 96 4Runner and bought a 1985


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      you can also try taking the regular ground off the deck and running it to where the computer/etc is grounded, running on opposite sides of the car from your rca's
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