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PS/2 Switch Input Mouse Controller

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  • PS/2 Switch Input Mouse Controller

    On you can buy a pic-preprogrammed for a switch controlled mouse. I just thought it might be usefull if you (like myself) dont have touchscreen or room for a mouse.
    With this you can put a small joystick or just buttons to control the mouse.
    BUT - does someone know if this program for the PIC can be downloaded anywhere??
    Seems a little steep that a 2-3$ chip costs 20$ when programmed. If i had the program, i would burn it myself.

    Or do you have any ideas if this could be done in a simpler way, with standard parts from a mouse?

    Best regards Christian

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    This is probably not related to what you plan on doing, but there is one of the accessibility options in Windows that lets your control your mouse via arrow keys.


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      switch controlled mouse

      I just wanted to have a small joystick connected at the mouse port, and my numeric keyboard should be controlling winamp, so the windows accessibility options wouldn't do.
      also, i tried the accessibility options, and that is really a ***** to work with imho.
      More like the IBM (and others) laptop pointers in the middle of the keyboard.


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        just a bump...
        Anybody got code for a pic like that, or know how to modify a mouse to make a thing like this



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          I sold my pic programmer a couple few years ago when I changed from electronics to computers, but It won't be that hard to do. Microchip (the makers of the PIC) have application notes on their web site. Find the one on creating a mouse and use the code for it to implement the mouse protocol. Just change the code to read buttons instead of the optical sensors from a mouse. couple timer counters to keep moving as long as a button is held down.