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Mac mini hardware/software question

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  • Mac mini hardware/software question

    Hi all, I'm new to the carputer bug. lucky me!

    I have pretty much decided on my setup. it will be as follows:

    mac mini
    linitx 7" touchscreen with auto power-on/off
    p-1900 with the 'macpac' kit
    all other usual bits to hook-up and link up steering wheel controls etc

    The only thing holding me back are potential software issues. I'll be turning to ebay for the mac mini, and need to know what is best to go for. I want to run XP on it, as it seems to have muchos more software for this stuff. I dont want to be held back by these issues. So... Will I be ok with any and all mac mini's out there, or do i need the intel core based systems?
    I guess all i'm looking for are suitable/ideal mac mini model numbers etc, plus weblinks would be super!


    [ 330ci sport - 19" M3 reps, mtech-2, clubsport splitters, angel eyes, xenons, full black leather, harman kardon, LED's. ]

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    You need the intel macs in order to run BootCamp, which runs XP.

    So basically, any MacMini that has an intel processor should do it.