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Urgent!!! Lilliput BlaXtream Sound Problem!!!

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  • Urgent!!! Lilliput BlaXtream Sound Problem!!!

    Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,
    This is my first post and it’s my joyance to be a member of this great forum.
    I'm facing a strange problem with audio output of my recent acquisition, a "Lilliput BlaXtream TC-1000"

    MB: VIA EPIA Mini-ITX | CPU: 1GHz | RAM: 500Mb | HDD: 40GB | OS: Windows XP Pro ENG | BIOS: etDVD

    And more specifically, the Front Output of the sound functions normally from both speakers, but unfortunately this doesn’t occur to the Back Output,
    as result when I connect the speakers I can hear only the left side of the sound…
    Unfortunately there’s no User Manual or another book related to this almost "No Name" product!
    Although I was searching in the forum for similar problems but I didn’t find any solution…
    As a Computer Technician, coming to some first conclusions, I assume that the problem is due to a bad "Jumper" connection or BIOS adjustment,
    or even worst to "Hardware"!!! (I hope not!!! )
    Abut to these conclusions because the problem persist either sound comes from etDVD BIOS or Windows OS…
    Having spend a small fortune , a lot of time and effort from the completion of this "Project" I'm very disappointed , although it’s not my style!!!
    This Forum hosts enough qualified members and with significant experience, concerning the field named "CarPC" or "Carputer" and even VIA Embedded Systems.
    For all these reasons, I would appreciate a prompt reply…!
    Best Regards, Stavros from Greece.
    Virtuousness & Daring...!

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    After constant observation I found the problem!
    Gentlemen from faraway China didn’t mount aright Front Audio Panel so that making a conflict with Back Side Panel…
    Thanks to everyone that gave a thought for my post event I didn’t had any reply!
    Virtuousness & Daring...!


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      I would shake it a bit

      Good you solved it!
      List of front-ends/usefull apps
      XTroniC | XTroniC Direct