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winamp or media player IR remote control for 9 pin serial port $11

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  • winamp or media player IR remote control for 9 pin serial port $11

    If you have a "Cube" sized PC in your car with a $20 DC to AC converter and maybe a $40 (6 minute backup) UPS this could be useful. Also works with desktop PC.
    freeware availible for Linux
    also works with any IR remote control.

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    This guy here is selling them on Ebay for $6.99 each. I got one with a mic for the $6.99 price, which is a pretty damn good deal if you ask me.


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      the guy on ebay doesn't sell it with software

      On ebay it doesn't come with full version software. It may come with a limited shareware version, but it will expire or close the program after so many remote signals are received.
      come with this software:


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        I'll get the open source versions of remote control program, they'll work good enough for me.


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          why did i see this after buying an irman?
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            software for irman

            If you have irman you can get some good software for it at:

            A special build of this software is used with the hardware at :


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              When it comes to a remote of this size nothing beats MouseRemote from X10. More expensive but RF not IR!


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                Does this guy ever give up?


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                  I fully reccomend this remote, I purchased it for $11 a while ago and it works GREAT, even with my 200mmx!

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                    Got this in the mail today and it works great!

                    I love being able to control everything from across the room. I think this will eliminate the need for a mouse/keyboard in the car completely.


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                      Buy for cheap and use this:


                      Licensing / Price

                      Girder is free for personal use, for commercial licenses please contact Bessems-IT This is a company that licenses and supports girder for commercial use. ( Branding is also possible ) For the exact license terms see the file copying.txt included in the distribution.

                      Supported Operating systems

                      Windows 95
                      Windows 98
                      Windows 98SE
                      Windows Millenium
                      Windows NT 4.0
                      Windows 2000
                      Windows XP